Bogner Moments 1932-2012 - Willy Bogner

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For 80 years, Bogner has stood for passion, sports, and fashion. What Willy Bogner, Sr, and his wife Maria began as a modest yet committed endeavor in 1932 evolved over the decades into a global brand with its unmistakable B zipper - the hallmark of a sporty lifestyle. With his success as a skier, director, and cinematographer - whose accomplishments include the heart-stopping ski action sequences in four James Bond movies - Willy Bogner, Jr and his fashion-forward wife Sônia have been the face of the Bogner brand for many years.
Celebrating the companys 80th anniversary and Willy Bogners 70th birthday, this volume recounts the history of the Munich-based company, a story that reflects eight decades of the creative zeitgeist.

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